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Our History

Merchants Acceptance Corp. was founded in 1988 by Bill Michael to offer financing to several specific local area distributors.

Bill grew up in a direct sales family, his father was a large direct sales distributor in the Seattle area. Bill realized the potential his father and other family members could have if there was only a better financing option. Bill started slowly, buying small batches of contracts, in order to grow his local financing circle. Bill surrounded himself with the right people and refined his processes so he could offer financing to other direct sales organizations and select retailers.

What We Stand For

Our mission is to provide high quality consumer financing for direct sellers across the United States.

We believe in establishing real, relationship-driven partnerships with our clients. We believe in entrusting our employees and helping in their professional development. We believe in equal opportunity credit granting and fair debt collection practices. We believe in community by bettering our neighborhood and hiring employees in our community. We believe in continually striving for excellence in all areas.

Merchants Acceptance will continue strategic growth by embracing opportunity, technology, and our core values in order to become a premier finance company across the United States.

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