Merchants Acceptance Corp. is committed to providing you with answers to your questions. Check out our FAQ section for quick answers to questions you may have.

What is my balance?

Please contact our offices to speak with a live agent.

Financial Hardship. Can you help?

We have several plans to help and keep your account current, please call to speak with a live agent. (866) 883-2392

When is my due date?

Your due date is indicated on your contract. If you are unable to access your contract please call and speak with a live agent.

Is there a penalty for early payoff?

There is no prepayment penalty. Please contact us for an up to date payoff quote.

How do I make my payment?

You can make your payment online, by mail or by phone.

Who do I contact about my merchandise?

Please contact the distributor that sold you the merchandise first. If you are unable to contact the distributor, please contact us.

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